Administrative Hearings Division Directory

Division Contact Information   

Administrative Hearings Division
Wallace State Office Building, Third Floor
502 East Ninth Street
Des Moines, IA 50319
(515) 281-6468 (main phone)
(515) 281-4477 (fax)

More information about the Division In-Person Hearing Location and Parking

Division Leadership

Name Position Phone Email
Samuel P. Langholz Chief Administrative Law
Judge and Administrator
(515) 281-6870
David Lindgren Asst. Chief Administrative
Law Judge
(515) 281-7148

Other Administrative Law Judges

IMPORTANT CAUTION:  Except in limited circumstances, parties, their representatives, and others with a direct or indirect interest in a pending case are generally prohibited from contacting the administrative law judge presiding over the case without the participation of all parties.  More Information about ALJ Contact.

Name Phone Email
Kerry Anderson (515) 281-4845
Thomas J. Augustine (515) 281-7177
Karen Doland (515) 281-7164
Kristine Dreckman (515) 281-6440
Joseph Ferrentino (515) 281-7114
Martin Francis (515) 281-6966
Jonathan Gallagher (515) 242-0009
Forrest Guddall (515) 242-0007
Carla Hamborg (515) 281-7183
Tricia Johnston (515) 281-6372
Laura Jontz (515) 281-7165
Emily Kimes-Schwiesow (515) 281-0463
Margaret LaMarche (515) 281-7177
Laura Lockard (515) 281-0414
Rachel Morgan (515) 281-6065
Kathleen M. O'Neill (515) 281-7141 kathleen.o'
Barbara Tapscott (515) 281-8469

Support Staff

Name Case Assignments Phone Email
Annie Adamovicz Dep't of Transportation (515) 281-6468
Meggan Van Gundy Dep't of Human Services
(Except SVS Appeals)
(515) 281-6343
Brittany Spooner All Other Agencies & 
DHS SVS Appeals
(515) 281-6350
Laura Barker Backup for All Agencies (515) 281-7104

IMPORTANT REMINDER:  Filings and other official submissions to the Administrative Hearings Division such as Transmittal Forms, if sent electronically, should be sent to, rather than to an individual's email address.  The address is monitored at all times for time-sensitive submissions.

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