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Forms for Contested Case Proceedings

The following standard forms may be used by parties in contested case proceedings. They are not mandatory forms and parties may also file documents containing substantially similar information: 

Transmittal Form

Used by a state or local agency to transmit a new case to the Administrative Hearings Division to be heard by an administrative law judge. Learn more about hearings and legal proceedings.

Request for Continuance

Used by a party who needs to postpone a currently scheduled hearing to another date.

Request for In-Person Hearing

Used by a party who has a currently scheduled telephone hearing who wishes to instead have an in-person hearing.

Request for Subpoena

Used by any party seeking to obtain documents from any source or require the attendance of a witness at a hearing or deposition.

Proof of Service of Subpoena

Used by a person serving a subpoena and retained by the party requesting the subpoena along with a copy of the served subpoena, but filed only if proof of service becomes necessary.

Withdrawal of Appeal

Used by an appellant who wishes to end his or her appeal, giving up the right to a hearing before an administrative law judge.