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Other Resources

Resources related to licensing boards located within the Department of Public Health are available under the page for each respective board, including the Board of Athletic Training, Board of Barbering, Board of Behavioral Sciences, Board of Chiropractic, Board of Cosmetology Arts & Sciences, Board of Dietetics, Board of Hearing Aid Dispensers, Board of Massage Therapy, Board of Medicine, Board of Mortuary Science, Board of Nursing, Board of Nursing Home Administrators, Board of Optometry, Board of Pharmacy, Board of Physical & Occupational Therapy, Board of Physician Assistants, Board of Podiatry, Board of Psychology, Board of Respiratory Care, Board of Sign Language Interpreters & Trasnsliterators, Board of Social Work, Board of Speech Pathology & Audiology, Dental Board, and Plumbing & Mechanical Systems Board.

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