Filing a Complaint about an ALJ

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The Administrative Hearings Division and its administrative law judges strive to fairly and impartially decide cases, consistent with the law and in an efficient and professional manner.  The conduct of administrative law judges is governed by the relevant legal provisions applicable to the case and the Code of Administrative Judicial Conduct.  If you have a complaint with the conduct of an administrative law judge, you may make a complaint by completing the online form below or by submitting a written complaint form.  

Please note that if you disagree with the decision in your case and wish to contest that outcome, you must file a timely appeal consistent with the instructions in that decisions or its cover letter and the governing law.   Filing a complaint against the administrative law judge does not appeal your decision.

The Division only has authority to consider complaints regarding administrative law judges employed by the Division.  Complaints against magistrates, associate district court judges, juveniles judges, district court judges, and appellate judges should be made to the Judicial Qualifications Commission.  Complaints against an administrative law judge hearing cases arising out of correctional institutions should be directed to: Michael Savala, General Counsel, Iowa Department of Corrections, 510 East 12th Street, Des Moines, Iowa 50319.  Complaints against an administrative law judge employed by the Iowa Workforce Development Unemployment Insurance Appeals Bureau should be made to the UI Appeals Manager, Iowa Workforce Development, 1000 East Grand Avenue, Des Moines, IA 50319, and those against deputy workers' compensation commissioners should be made to Joseph S. Cortese II, Workers' Compensation Commissioner, 1000 East Grand Avenue, Des Moines, Iowa 50319.

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