How do I appeal a weapons permit denial, suspension, or revocation?


Appeals must be filed with the Administrative Hearings Division within 30 days of the receipt of the decision of the Sheriff or Commissioner of Public Safety. The appeal must include: (1) a written statement that clearly states the appellant's reasons rebutting the denial, suspension, or revocation; (2) a copy of the Sheriff's or Commissioner's written denial, suspension, or revocation; and (3) the $10 filing fee (Checks may be made ouf to the "Department of Inspections and Appeals."). Appellants may also include any additional supporting information relevant to the appeal.   The appeal must be delivered to the Division by first-class mail, courier service, or personal delivery at its offices:  

     Administrative Hearings Division
     Wallace State Office Building, Third Floor
     502 East Ninth Street
     Des Moines, IA 50319

A copy of the appeal must also be served on the County Sheriff or the Commissioner who made the decision to deny, suspense, or revoke the permit.  Any appeal that does not meet these requirements, which are further detailed in Iowa Code § 724.21A and Iowa Administrative Code § 481-11.2, may be denied.

More information about Weapons Permit Appeals is also available on the page, Appealing Weapons Permit Decisions.

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