How do I request a contested case hearing?


A hearing may be scheduled in several different ways.  The agency may send a notice to you in which the agency or another person alleges that you have done something wrong or that some action will be taken that adversely affects you.  The notice will include a date, time, and place for the hearing and will tell you if the hearing will be held in person or by telephone call.  Or the agency may send a notice to you setting out facts the agency alleges to be true and telling you that a decision will become final -- and a penalty may be due or a benefit may denied or stopped -- unless you request a hearing.  See Iowa Code § 17A.12(2) (2005).

You can request a hearing by filing a written request with the agency.  Usually, the request should include your name and address, a statement of why you disagree with the facts alleged, the date, and your signature.  You should keep a copy of your written request for your records.  To ensure that you get a hearing, you must postmark or deliver the request to the agency by the agency’s deadline which should appear in the notice.

More information about requesting a hearing in Weapon's Permit Cases is available under How do I appeal a weapons permit denial, suspension, or revocation?.

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