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The Food and Consumer Safety Bureau is responsible for administering and enforcing the Iowa Food Code (Iowa Code Chapter 137F) by conducting food safety inspections at food establishments (grocery stores, restaurants, and convenience stores) and food processing plants. The purpose of the Iowa Food Code is to "safeguard the public health and provide to consumers, food that is safe, unadulterated and honestly prepared."  The Food Code is based upon food safety recommendations developed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), in consultation with representatives from the food industry and regulators, and focuses on public health and the prevention of foodborne illness.

Food Licensing Information
Food Safety Resources (by license type)
2018 RAGBRAI Information

Restaurant Inspection Web Site
The Food and Consumer Safety Bureau maintains a Restaurant Inspection Web Site through which visitors can view or download inspection reports for Iowa food establishments, including restaurants, grocery stores, and convenience stores.

Suspected Food Poisoning
If you believe you have become ill due to food poisoning, please contact the Iowa Department of Public Health toll-free at 1-844-IowaSic (469-2742). Food safety video may be viewed here.

Iowa Department of Revenue - Iowa Sales Tax on Food

Emergency Documents
Food Safety During a Power Outage
Boil Order and Advisory Guidance
Reopening a Food Establishment after Flooding

Resources - Administrative Rules
Iowa Administrative Code Chapter 481--30, "Food and Consumer Safety"
Iowa Administrative Code Chapter 481--31, "Food Establishment and Food Processing Plant Inspections"
Iowa Administrative Code Chapter 481--34, "Home Bakeries"
Iowa Administrative Code Chapter 481--35, "Contractor Requirements"
Iowa Administrative Code Chapter 481--37, "Hotel and Motel Inspections"

Resources - Iowa Law
Iowa Code Chapter 137C, "Hotel Sanitation Code"
Iowa Code Chapter 137D, "Home Bakeries"
Iowa Code Chapter 137F, "Food Establishments and Food Processing Plants


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