Registered Amusement Devices

Iowa Code sections 99B.51 through 99B.58 require that all Electrical and Mechanical Amusement devices be registered with the Department of Inspections and Appeals (DIA). An amusement device subject to registration shall meet the following requirements:

  • A prize of merchandise exceeding $50.00 in value or cash shall not be awarded for use of the device.
  • A device shall not be designed or adapted to cause or to enable a person to cause the release of free games or portions of games when designated as a potential award for use of the device.
  • An amusement device shall not be designed or adapted to enable a person using the device to increase the chances of winning free games or portions of games by paying more than is ordinarily required to play the game.

The Department has adopted two sets of rules dealing with the general provisions of amusement devices [481 IAC 104] and registered amusement devices [481 IAC 105].

Game Machine Management System (GMMS) Registration
Individuals owning or possessing amusement devices may register electronically through the DIA's online Game Machine Management System (GMMS).  Registrations may be purchased through the GMMS website if the individual uses a credit card. Once an account has been established, individuals may make changes to their information including changing the location of registered devices. For assistance with the registration of electrical and mechanical amusement devices, please contact the Department's Social and Charitable Gambling Unit at (515) 281-6840 or send at email to  An instruction guide for accessing and using the new GMMS website is available here.

Authorized Amusement Device Dealers
If you are interested in purchasing an amusement device for placement in your business establishment, please contact the Social and Charitable Gambling Unit at (515) 281-6840 for instructions on how you may place your name on the waiting list to register a device.

Paper Registration Forms
Prior to being placed into operation, all amusement devices must be registered with the Department. Paper forms are available from this web site and may be downloaded by clicking on the appropriate link:

Initial Registration
Renewal Registration

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