Complaints & Food Safety

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The Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals is responsible for investigating restaurants and other businesses to ensure food code requirements are being followed.

Iowa’s Rapid Response team investigates reported incidents of food code violations and food poisoning to prevent the spread of suspected and confirmed foodborne illness. DIA’s management of up-to-date restaurant inspections, education about food safety for food-related businesses, and teams of food safety professionals work together to keep Iowa’s food supply safe for consumption, from restaurants to grocery stores.

Report Food Poisoning

Have you or a group of family or friends recently experienced an illness that you believe may be the result of consuming compromised food in Iowa? Call the IowaSic hotline to connect with your local health department to report possible food poisoning.

File a Complaint

If you've witnessed a possible food code violation or basic hygiene issue at a hotel, restaurant, bar, or other food business, please file a complaint to express your concerns. Complainant information is kept confidential according to Iowa law.

Review Inspection Reports

Businesses with a food license are required to post their inspections in their establishments for the public to view. Additionally, the department maintains a website where visitors can view or download inspection reports for food establishments, including restaurants, bars, grocery and convenience stores, food trucks, farmers markets, etc.