RAGBRAI Licensing & Registration

Event registration applications for RAGBRAI are due May 30. Temporary food establishment licenses are due 30 days prior to the first day of operation (RAGBRAI begins July 22).

How to Complete the Iowa DCW Registry Application

The Iowa Direct Care Worker Registry application only needs to be completed in the following instances:

  1. When a direct care worker on the registry has changed their name (legally or through marriage or divorce) or place of residence and has not logged into the website to make the corrections.
  2. When a direct care worker is transferring into Iowa from another state.
  3. When an applicant is not found on the registry. This individual must enroll in and complete the 75-hour (minimum) course plus competency tests (written & skills) within four months of their hire date. The registry does receive the address from the testing sites upon completion of the skills portion of the test.

Section 1:

This portion of the application is to be completed by the direct care worker. It is very important that all areas are completed and signed by the DCW.

If the DCW is transferring from another state, please use the “State Certified (if other than IA)” field to indicate state(s) where the DCW is presently active. Please include a copy of the DCW’s present registry certification card, if available, as well as a legible copy of their Social Security card.

For all CNAs, please complete the “Employment History” section of the form for the last three years of employment as a CNA. This will allow registry staff to verify that they have all employer information in order to maintain a DCW’s active status. This employment must be verifiable, as all employers will be contacted for confirmation. Please list employment in date order, starting with the most recent. Make sure you give complete dates (MM-DD-YYYY) for each hire and separation.

Section 2 for an Iowa-based hiring facility:

This portion of the application is to be completed by the Iowa employer if the CNA has a pending job offer. The director of nursing (DON) or other authorized individual can leave this blank if there has not been an offer. It is extremely important that all areas are completed and signed.

Also, please provide the hire date at your entity in Section 2 in the “Hire Date” field. If the individual no longer is employed at your entity, please provide the separation date in the “Separation Date (if applicable)” field. If you have questions, please contact the Iowa Direct Care Worker Registry by email at DCW@dia.iowa.gov, or by phone at 515.281.4077 or 515.281.0108.

All information can either be mailed or faxed to the Registry. The mailing address and fax number are located at the top of the application form.

It is the facility’s responsibility to contact the previous state registry to verify status to have the 30-day employment option while the DCW Registry processes the CNA’s application. Many states will provide a license number and/or an expiration date.

The Iowa DCW Registry no longer mails registry cards automatically. This is to protect the CNA from identity theft.

Cards can be securely printed from the Health Facilities Division database at www.dia-hfd.iowa.gov, by either CNAs or Iowa facilties who are logged in with an account ID and password. If you need assistance on logging in to the database, please find the instructions here. Please contact the Iowa Direct Care Worker Registry by email at DCW@dia.iowa.gov, or by phone at 515.281.4077 or 515.281.0108 if you have additional questions.

If you do not have access to the internet or a printer and would like a card to be mailed, please indicate this on the application form, and one will be sent to you.