Economic Fraud Control Unit

The Economic Fraud Control Unit is comprised of two units: Program Integrity/EBT Unit and Divestiture Unit. 

Program Integrity/EBT Unit

Investigators in the unit review multiple-program applications for Food Assistance (SNAP), Medicaid, Family Investment Program (FIP) as well as many other programs for suspected fraud. Personnel verify the accuracy of information submitted to the Iowa Department of Human Services (DHS) by the applicants. When required, investigators work closely with county attorneys and local law enforcement agencies to gather evidence that may be used to prosecute individuals accused of defrauding the state’s public assistance programs.  Investigations assist DHS to ensure benefits are distributed to eligible individuals.

Divestiture Unit

The Divestiture Unit identifies and recovers assets, which an individual has transferred in an attempt to improperly or illegally qualify for state public assistance, especially Medicaid benefits. This unique program, one of a few in the nation, recovers transferred benefits from the individuals who received the assistance rather than from the person who granted them.

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