Receiving a Subpoena

Any party in a contested case proceeding may request that the Administrative Hearings Division issue a subpoena to require a person to participate in a telephone hearing, appear at an in-person hearing or deposition, or produce documents or other items for the proceeding. Such a subpoena is an important legal document and individuals receiving a subpoena are encouraged to closely review the subpoena and the accompanying Guidance for Subpoenaed Persons in a Contested Case Proceeding to ensure compliance with all legal obligations and protection of the person's rights under Iowa Law.

Administrative Hearings Division subpoenas are issued pursuant to section 17A.13 of the Iowa Code and rule 481-10.14 of the Iowa Administrative Code. Pursuant to these provisions, individuals receiving subpoenas may move to quash or modify subpoenas for various reasons as set forth in Rules 10.14(4) and (5), which are also reproduced on the Guidance for Subpoenaed Persons in a Contested Case Proceeding that is delivered with the subpoena.

Who Can I Contact If I Received a Subpoena?

Individuals receiving a subpoena from the Administrative Hearing Division may contact the Division by phone at 515-281-6468 or by email at The Division cannot provide legal advice and individuals receiving a subpoena may wish to consult an attorney if they have questions about their rights and obligations.

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