Rehabilitation Center of Allison Named Governor's Quality Award-Winning Facility

Thursday, October 19, 2017

DES MOINES, IOWA (October 19, 2017) – Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds today announced that the Rehabilitation Center of Allison has been selected to receive the 2017 Governor’s Award for Quality Care in Health Care Facilities.  This is the second time that the Allison Center has been named an award-winning facility having been previously selected in 2009.  The Allison facility received three nominations from a former resident and family members of current residents, all of whom stressed the Center’s homelike environment and caring staff. 

Gregory Thorne of Plymouth, MN, told of his experience finding a suitable facility for his mother.  “A house is just a house,” his nomination read, “but a home is where you feel loved and cared for and that’s just exactly what my mom felt being at the Allison Rehabilitation Center.  It wasn’t just the facility, it was all the wonderful caring, loving people that made this such a special place.”

Deb Steere of Allison echoed Thorne’s feelings, writing: “As soon as we walked into the Allison home we felt, as a family, the caring atmosphere as well as a feeling of family.  We knew he [Steere’s brother] would feel comfortable in a very homelike room.”  Steere said her affiliation with the facility “goes back several years,” beginning with a great aunt who was a resident at the Rehabilitation Center of Allison.  Her grandmother, too, was a resident, as were her parents who temporarily resided at the facility following brief hospital stays. 

“I cannot say enough about the therapy given to both of my parents,” Steere continued, “It was always done with a smile and they pushed them to get better.  We are asked on a regular basis by staff members how our parents are doing now that they are home.  They continue to care even though Mom and Dad are no longer residents.”

“To me, this is a very excellent facility,” Steere’s father, Ken Wangeness, wrote in his nomination.  “From the kitchen to the nurses and helpers, they are all pleasant and helpful.”  The 88-year-old Wangeness said he spent five weeks recuperating in the facility following surgery and summed up his experiences at the Allison Rehabilitation Center simply by writing, “It’s a great place”.

The Rehabilitation Center of Allison is a 60-bed free-standing nursing facility, which is owned and operated by the ABCM Corporation of Hampton, IA.  In addition to the Allison facility, the Iowa-based health care provider operates 30 nursing facilities, 24 independent and assisted living programs, and 13 outpatient therapy centers, among other entities. 

The Governor’s Award for Quality Care was established to recognize long-term care facilities that provide – in the nominator’s opinion – a high level of care to their residents.  This year’s Governor’s Award recipient was one of three nominated facilities.  Since the first awards were presented in 2001, a total of 54 awards have been presented to 46 individual facilities.

“What is most unique about the Governor’s Award for Quality Care is the fact that facilities are nominated by those they serve or the family members of their residents,” Governor Reynolds explained.  “All nominated facilities should feel a sense of pride in knowing that their residents and family members take comfort in the dedicated service and quality of care provided.”

Governor Reynolds said she was touched by the nominators’ open and honest opinions about the facility.  “The Rehabilitation Center of Allison embodies the meaning of a health care facility – a place in which our loved ones are cared for by compassionate and dedicated members of our community,” she said.  “It’s not by coincidence that this is the second time that the Allison facility has been selected to receive a Governor’s Award, which also serves to recognize consistency in the quality of care provided to its residents.”

“I look forward to presenting the 2017 Governor’s Award for Quality Care to administrator Kathy Miller and the staff of the Rehabilitation Center of Allison,” she concluded.

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