Health Facilities

The Health Facilities Division is the designated state survey and certification agency, which is responsible for licensing or certifying Medicare and Medicaid Programs and other health care providers and suppliers operating in the State of Iowa.  Entities subject to the Department's oversight and regulation include nursing facilities, skilled nursing facilities, residential care facilities, intermediate care facilities for the intellectually disabled, hospitals, hospices, home health agencies, programs and facilities caring for children, assisted living programs and elder group homes.  Survey teams from the Division conduct unannounced on-site inspection at health care facilities to assess the quality of care and services provided to clients, patients, residents and tenants. If problems are discovered during an inspection, the Division can initiate corrective and/or disciplinary action to assure a facility's compliance with state and federal rules.  Health Facilities Division personnel also investigate complaints alleging improper care or treatment of patients, residents, and tenants in licensed and certified entities.  

Health Facilities Division's Website

Visitors to this website will find a variety of useful information to assist them in the selection of a long-term health care provider, such as the directory of long-term care facilities and the Department's Report Cards web page.  Visitors are encouraged to review the materials found on this web site as it contains many tools to help them become better consumers. Providers, too, will find valuable information such as the latest rules and regulations governing their operations. Links to other useful websites are also provided for easy access to relevant information. Iowans can access the Health Facilities Division's web site by clicking here.

Approved Third-Party Vendors for Background Checks

Per Senate File 2299, the department is required to post a listing of third-party vendors for background checks that have been vetted and approved by the Iowa Health Care Association, Iowa Center for Assisted Living, and Iowa Center for Home Care. Hospitals, health care facilities, and health care programs and providers may select a vendor from this list to conduct the comprehensive preliminary background checks for provisional employment of employees or provisional participation by students.

Each of the following vendors are accredited by the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA):

Contact Information

A contact sheet for the Health Facilities Division is maintained for health care providers and suppliers so that they can communicate with the appropriate individual in the Department’s Health Facilities Division. The contact information is updated as necessary to reflect program coordinator areas, bureau chiefs, etc. If you are a member of the media, please contact our public information officer with any inquiries you may have.


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